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There's No Going Back

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There’s No Going Back



Greg Battista and Michael Brown, euphonium

Carol Jantsch and Scott Devereaux, tuba

Andrew Emerich, drums

Matthew LeFevre, recording engineer


Tubular, the world's best (and maybe only?) tuba cover band, brings the power on their debut full length album, There's No Going Back. This much anticipated collection of hits has your favorite artists questioning why their bands are not composed solely of tubas, drums, and mediocre singers. Absolute bangers from across decades come to life in the lowest tessituras, featuring music from The Beatles, Katy Perry, They Might Be Giants, The Eagles, and more... Don't miss a work of art that only could have come out of 2020. We'll see you at the Grammys. 


Walter Murphy: A Fifth of Beethoven

They Might Be Giants: Istanbul

Toto: Africa

Katy Perry: Dark Horse

John Williams: Cantina Band

Cake: Short Skirt Long Jacket

Luis Fonzi: Despacito

Earth, Wind, and Fire: September

Eagles: Hotel California

The Beatles: Good Morning Good Morning

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